On 9.4.18

We focused in a Chicago community-wide event

Let’s ensure we stay focused.

Let’s focus on change.

On September 4, 2018, led by our city’s Rabbonim, we gathered for an event that was truly historic. We focused on fortifying safeguards and decreasing distractions in today’s tech-centered world.

The mission of Project Focus is to encourage a communal culture change towards the use of technology in the city of Chicago.

Take on a Kabbalah

Take one step towards moving away from mindless technology use, and towards a focus on an area of life that really matters.

Focus on Tefilah

Focus Tip: I will have my phone off during davening.

Focus on Family

Focus Tip: I will spend quality time with my family, device-free

Focus on Children

Focus Tip: I will model proper device usage

Focus on Yourself

Focus Tip: I will carefully assess the kind of phone that I need

Focus on Community

Focus Tip: I’ll team up with other parents to postpone the age that chilren are given cell phones

Focus on our Future

Focus Tip: I understand that giving a child a phone is a serious decision

Focus on Others

Focus Tip: I will refrain from looking at my device during a conversation

Focus on Kedusha

Focus Tip: I will install a filter on every device I own

Focus on Sensitivity

Focus Tip: I will think twice before forwarding an email, text or picture

Focus on Education

Focus Tip: I will continue to educate myself and my family about the challenges of technology

Keep up the Chizuk

Harav Elya Brudny

HaRav Ephraim Wachsman

Dr. David Pelcovitz

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