Focus . Protect . Connect

Let’s focus on change.

It is evident to all that technology has become one of the defining issues of our generation. Uniting to raise awareness and to find practical solutions is a key component to ensuring the kedushah of our homes and the wellbeing of ourselves and our families.

Change is easier with a partner

Improving the way you relate to technology can be tough- but with a buddy supporting you, the effort will be halved.

Find a buddy

and sign up on the form below

Decide on a small step you’d both like to take

to improve in the area of technology usage during the month of Av*

Check in with eachother periodically

to provide and recieve support and encouragement

*The kaballah can be renewed / reevaluated for the month of Elul.

Kabbalah Suggestions

  • Keep phone outside of Shul or Beis Medrash
  • No devices by meal time
  • Have a “one-hour-free” of technology
  • Specified technology free time used to focus on spouse and family
  • Maintain school boundaries
  • Take out phone only for a specific purpose. (should not be in your hand without a specific task in mind)
  • Once phone is out, only use it for the specific
    purpose it was taken out for
  • Delete one app that I use to waste time
  • Use whatsapp only for work & family
  • I will not take phone to bed
  • No games
  • Daven before using technology
  • Phone is not used at all while driving (even by red light)
  • Limit usage of “kosher” news sites
  • Check your phone usage daily and seek to improve
  • When walking outside, phone should not be visible
  • Peruse one less shopping site
  • Look at “Only Metzios” not more than once a week
  • Watch one less show
  • Add a filter

Sign up with your buddy

Sign up with your partner

Current Buddies:

1. Shmuli Sochaczewsky – Moshe Aaron Strauss

2. Rabbi Furtig – Avrohom Adler

3. Donny Gross – Yitz Horowitz

4. Rabbi Charlop – Chaim Mordechai Weiss

5. Gila Osherowitz – Tzippy Adler

6. Dovid Gross – Rivka Gross

7. Miriam Krupenia – Dina Meller

8. Moshe Meisels – Shloimy Lieberman

9. Ketti Zigdon – Shani Levin

10. Dovid Malcmacher – Nissi Heifetz

11. Akiva Udman – Yaakov Moshe Resnik

12. Shua Krupenia – Avromi Wenger

13. Rabbi Maiman – Moshe Schottenstein

14. Avromi Meystel – Binyomin Schwartz

15.Aaron Sonnenschein – Tzipora Sonnenschein

16. Chanina Dessler – Yaakov Compton

17. Anonymous

18. Aaron Simcha Baum – Looking for a buddy

19. David Pollack – Looking for a buddy

20. Ari Adler – Looking for a buddy

21. Menachem Tenenbaum – Looking for a buddy

22. Menachem Kaye – Looking for a buddy

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